Thursday, 10 December 2009

The idea

Okay so the idea behind this video is that its the bands one off acoustic track, this is why it would not seem to be the typical song our band would release. many bands of this genera do a similar thing for example, the band All Time Low wrote an acoustic song called Remembering Sunday which is not their usua sound.

Our video is going to start with the performer in a pub, he starts playing the song, after a few seconds he gets up, whilst singing, and walks over to his girlfriend and serenades her of sorts. He then gets called away by his friends and abandons her, after getting some shots of an upset girlfriend we have her leave and it cuts to the performer playing in a room. then we see more shots of the couple having relationship problems aswell as some performace shots and we finish with the performer giving her a present before leaving and then a fade to black.

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