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The idea

Okay so the idea behind this video is that its the bands one off acoustic track, this is why it would not seem to be the typical song our band would release. many bands of this genera do a similar thing for example, the band All Time Low wrote an acoustic song called Remembering Sunday which is not their usua sound.

Our video is going to start with the performer in a pub, he starts playing the song, after a few seconds he gets up, whilst singing, and walks over to his girlfriend and serenades her of sorts. He then gets called away by his friends and abandons her, after getting some shots of an upset girlfriend we have her leave and it cuts to the performer playing in a room. then we see more shots of the couple having relationship problems aswell as some performace shots and we finish with the performer giving her a present before leaving and then a fade to black.

Change of plan

Okay so its close to christmas and we havent started to film, so i was thinking that out current idea won't be visable to do as its hard to find a house where we could film it so, i preposed the idea to Kirsty that we choose another song and go from there. i suggested that we do an acoustic song as i feel with the locations we could get would suit an acoustic more. Also i tend to prefer the acoustic tracks over most and i like the idea of keeping the video simple like the song as acoustics tend to just be played using an acoustic guitar.
So having decided to change our song we then had to choose what one to do, i suggested 'swing life away' by Rise against but Kirsty felt that she wouldnt be able to work on a song that she didnt like, which i agreed with and then kirsty came up with a few options and we finally went with 'The Girl' by City and Colour.
Well i dont it with the other idea ill do it with this one, here is the song that i suggested to do, rise against swing life away, i like this video because its pretty simple and doesnt try to do too much and its a good video in my eyes

This next ones by green day and posibly one of my favourite, Good riddance/time of your life. i love this video and this insipred me as i want to shoot the performance part of the video slightly like this, with the guitaristt sitting in a plain, dark room/bedroom as i feel these shot are effective within the acoustic conventions

Green Day - Time Of Your Life (Music Video)
Uploaded by timkeung2. - Explore more music videos.

This is also what i would like to do in our video, having the performer play in a dark room, i just think this really works for most acoustic songs.


And last but not least, heres the song that our video will be going too

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Original storyboards and collection of ideas:

Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Mood Board

So this is the Mood board, its full of images of people having fun and just general enjoyment, as well as, of course music related images such as instruments and crowds and performances. This mood board is full of fun, light heartedness and careless joy. this is an atempt to show what our band is ment to be like.

The Video

Okay so for the video we decided to go for the whole party/performance shoot, as i believe this fits the video perfectly. i was inspired to do this by a few songs that i enjoy and their videos. Oh and i forgot to mention this so i guess now is as good a time as any, the band consists of 5 members, 4 guys and 1 girl.

The video begins with the female band member in bed and shots of empty streets all seperated by some fades. when the music kicks in it cuts to a shot of a mobile on the desk ringing, then a close up of the phone showing whose calling. The Female picks up the phone, then it cuts again to see the girl getting out of bed and getting ready/walking out the room. she then enters another room full of the sleeping, remaining band members and walks through waking them, the floor is littered in empty bottles and food wrappers suggesting a party of some sort teh previous night. We then have many fast, quick cut shots of the band getting ready and grabbing instruments and loading them into the back of a van.

Shots of the band inside the van looking out of the windows and such looking tired and glum. and a street shot of the van driving past and down the road.

(All of the above is going too be in black and white as i think this will give it a lazy and rush feel, the same sort of feeling that the band might have as they've just woke up and are rushing off to perform.)

(Every thing from now on is going to be shot in colour, this is to match the party atmosphere are to give it that extra feeling as the first half is primarily shot in Black and White)

We have a shot of a door to a new house, the door is opened and the camera is positioned and shoots asif it is a member at this party, it follows a few other people through the house and we get shots of 'Party Antics' such as people conversing and drinking, a couple making out on the stairs and those sorts of things. the camera stops following and holds back to show the entirety of the party from within the house.

We then go back to outside the house and see the band pulling up onto the drive. shots of the band jumping out of the van and being greeted by the host and others. shots of the band progressing through the house with gear then quick, short cut shots of the band setting up. some one offers the band some drinks. other party antic shots. on the breakdown part of the song someone will blow smoke into the camera and as it kicks back in the camera will push through the smoke to reveal the band fully set up and start performing. the rest of the video is going to be shots of party antics, band performance and possibly a few of the band joining in with the party. we will fade at the end of teh song and have shots of teh band passed out in various places, ending up with a comnplete circle and giving the impression that this is an evry day thing for the band.

Heres a few of the videos that inspired and helped create our music vedio:

this video from fall out boy gave me the whole black and white idea as they used it aswell and i found that i really enjoyed thier use of it, you will find this section under the timing (3:23) onwards.

well this is my favourite out of the inspiring videos. this one from Jimmy eat world was the biggest inspiration as it is almost exactly what we want to do, showing the combination of party/performance and this is where i had the idea for the following camera through the house as they use it in the intro to the video.

okay so this isnt the original song but its the original video which is all i really needed. this on by black eyed peas gave the inspiration for the shots of the band getting ready but of course ours will be alot faster and this is alot slower due to the slow pace nature of the song. but again this is also a video of Party/performance which is what we want to be able to achieve.

The Single

Okay so for The Red Riot Society's single we chose to do Dayglo (Originally sung by Iglu & heartly). We chose this because both Kirsty and I enjoy this song and thought that it matched the ideology of the Our band. Its happy go lucky and a feel good party song that appeals to the audience of the teens and twenties, of which our band would primarily be aiming for.

The lyrics of the song promote enjoyment and carelessness. They tell you to have fun and enjoy yourself while you can, this is the exact ideology of The Red Riot Society.

They call me, Day glo, in the day I glo
They call me, night bright, in the night I light
All the corners of the streets with my eyes

They call me, Day glo, in the day I glo
They call me, Night bright, in the night I light
All the corners of the streets getting high

(Verse 1)
They call me
In the day I glow
They call me
Night bright
In the night I light
Up all the corners of the streets with my eyes
I got nothing to give, just a little tiny surprise
Now you only know the me
That doesn't think twice
Acting so cool and relaxed
Yea I seem so nice
f**kin free like a bird
But I don't fly much
And I like how you like my touch
Now check it what.

They call me, Day glo, in the day I glo
They call me, night bright, in the night I light
All the corners of the streets with my eyes

They call me, Day glo, in the day I glo
They call me, Night bright, in the night I light
All the corners of the streets getting high

(Verse 2)
Swing and swing
And take your hand
And put it on the rope and swing
Doesn't matter if you let it go
You won't feel anything
We can't be hurt or touched
We got a ray of light, we're high, we're flying
And shining up above the moon tonight
See I'm melting like a man of snow
Or a snowman
Holdin cold hands
Take a little sip
But don't dance, ha
We can't be hurt or touched
We got a ray of light, we're high, we're flying
And shining up above the moon tonight

They call me, Day glo, in the day I glo
They call me, night bright, in the night I light
All the corners of the streets with my eyes

They call me, Day glo, in the day I glo
They call me, Night bright, in the night I light
All the corners of the streets getting high

The Red Riot Society

Are a contemporary rock band who emerged in the summer of '09. The Band formed from a group of friends with a common interest, music and playing music that people enjoyed. They got onto the internet and started up their Myspace page and posted their tracks that they'd recorded in the keyboard player's 'home studio' alond with a few recorded in a local studio. The use of the Myspace page allowed them to premote their music to people accross the world with ease. Once they had been recongnised, an independant promoter contacted them and offered them places in local gigs, concerts and venues to get the band heard more. The performances in underground clubs and small venues proved successful as they were offered a chance to support successful mainstream artists on tour such as; Kids in Glass Houses and YouMeAtSix. After a few more months the band were approached by Mercury Records, who offered them a contract leading them to be signed with a recognised Label in the music industry, And the release of their single 'Dayglo'.

The Red Riot Society believe its all about the music, not the fame and money. The creation of music is for enjoyment and not for prophet, to inspire and to create new music and musicians. And that you should enjoy the life you live.

Drive-Thru Records

Drive-Thru Records was established in 1996. It is owned by siblings Richard Reines and Stefanie Reines. Fenix Tx were the first band to get airplay for the label, and when they got added to KROQ, the calls came in from major labels looking to make a deal. They decided on MCA records, which turned out to be both great and terrible for the label. 5 years later, Drive-Thru finally reclaimed it's freedom and partnered with Sanctuary for distribution. Sanctuary had it's share of problems and was eventually sold to Universal, and Drive-Thru wound up in the catalog division of UME. Not the best place for a label releasing current bands. In August 2009, the label started to decide on its next venture for the future.

Innovators in marketing and promotion, Drive-Thru was the first label to hand out label samplers on the Van's Warped Tour, the first to have their own stage on the Van's Warped Tour, the first to add pop-up pages to a music website and the first to offer an entire EP including artwork and videos as a free download to fans (Hellogoodbye - The Avocado EP).

Bands that have achieved notable success during their time on the label include Halifax, Allister, New Found Glory, Fenix*TX, Midtown, Finch, The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, The Early November, Senses Fail, and Hellogoodbye, Final Round...

Drive-Thru Records' highest Billboard 200 charting releases include The Early November's The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path (#31) and Hellogoodbye's Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (#13).

Current Bands:

An Angle
The Early November
Hidden In Plain View
House Of Fools
Houston Calls
I Am The Avalanche
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
Dave Melillo
New Found Glory
Say No More
Self Against City
Something Corporate
The Starting Line
Steel Train

Roadrunner Records

The label was launched in the Netherlands in 1980 and was originally referred to as "Roadracer Records" in the United States. Roadrunner's initial business was importing North American metal-band recordings into Europe. In 1986 Roadrunner opened its US headquarters in New York City and later opened offices all over the world. Early successes included albums from King Diamond (the first Roadrunner artist to enter the Billboard Top 200 albums chart) and Annihilator. The label also handled early Metallica releases in the Scandinavian region. The end of the 1980s saw the release of two albums that are now considered classics of their respective genres: Obituary's Slowly We Rot and Sepultura's Beneath the Remains.

The 1990s saw the arrival of acts such as Life of Agony, Machine Head, Suffocation and Type O Negative. Sepultura's 1993 album, Chaos A.D., became the first Roadrunner band to crack the Top 40 on the Billboard album chart. Type O Negative became the first Roadrunner band to receive a certification from the RIAA; this was a Gold award (and later Platinum award) for the 1993 album Bloody Kisses, which was certified in 1995. The band also became the first Roadrunner band to receive radio play. In 2000, Slipknot became the first Roadrunner band to go Platinum.

Beginning in 2001, Roadrunner was distributed by the Universal Music Group through a share of the label owned by The Island Def Jam Music Group. This deal has now expired.

On December 18, 2006, Warner Strategic Marketing signed an agreement to purchase a majority in shares (73.5%) of Roadrunner Records' parent company, Roadrunner Music Group B.V. This deal became finalized on January 29, 2007 after receiving regulatory approval in Germany.

On June 11, 2008, Roadrunner Records was voted as the "Best Metal Label" by Metal Hammer at their Golden Gods Awards, an award that it has won the past four years in a row.

However, Roadrunner have also been accused as of being a label only interested in current or trendy alternative music, reflected by their current roster of mainly popular and metalcore acts. The most notable example of this is the treatment of the main death and thrash metal bands on Roadrunner's roster throughout the 90s including Obituary, Deicide, Death, Gorguts and Pestilence who were either dropped or left the label after ill treatment. Ex-Roadrunner Records artists, GlassjAw, also have nothing but horrible things to say of Roadrunner regarding their treatment from the label. More recently, in 2008 punk cabaret chanteuse Amanda Palmer was told by the label that they wanted to re-edit her video for "Leeds United" to make her look slimmer, causing a firestorm on the Internet from fans. Palmer has since asked to be dropped by the label.


Phantom Blue (1989)
Slash (2009)
Slipknot (1999-present)
Kiss (2009-present)
Christy Moore (1986)
Nickelback (2000-present)
DevilDriver (2002-present)
Machine Head (1994-present)
Killswitch Engage (2001-present)
Soulfly (1998-present)
Stone Sour (2002-present)
Trivium (2005-present)
Airbourne (2008-present)
Black Stone Cherry (2006-present)
CKY (2006-present)
Collective Soul (2008-present)
Cradle of Filth (2004-present)
DragonForce (2005-present)
Dream Theater (2006-present)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (2009-present)
Megadeth (2006-present)
Opeth (2005-present)
Billy Talent (2009-present)
Ratt (2009-present)
Takida (2009-present)
Porcupine Tree (2007–present)
Taking Dawn (2009-present)
Berri Txarrak (2009-present)
Dommin (2008-present)
Rob Zombie (2009-present)
"Mutiny Within" (2008-present)

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For this case study i will be carrying it out on, well obveously, the nu metal band Slipknot. Slipknot was firstly formed in 1992, when the core members, drummer Shawn Crahan, vocalist Anders Colsefini, and bassist Paul Gray enlisted the help of guitarists Donnie Steele and Quan Nong, and created Painface.

In September 1995 the band 'The Pale Ones' was created comprising Crahan on drums, Gray on bass, Colsefini on vocals and guitarist Steele. shortly after, Joey Jordison joined the band taking up the role of drummer. Crahan, the original drummer, moved to percussion. They continued developing their vision of what they wanted the band to be and recruted a second guitarist, Josh Brainard, moving Colsefini to percussion along with lead vocals.

The band played their first live performance under the name of Meld on December 4, 1995 at a club called Crowbar in Des Moines. After which drummer Joey Jordison suggested renaming the band "Slipknot" after their song that eventually appeared on the band's demo 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.'. At this time they also began experimenting with their image, trying out face paint and the like finally resulting in the members recognisable masks.

With plenty of material the band began recording in a local studio, SR Audio with Sean McMahon. In February 1996, guitarist Donnie Steele announced that he was leaving the band due to his Christian beliefs and left shortly after. During the mixing stages of this new project Craig Jones arrived, replaced Donnie Steele.

On April 4, Slipknot played their first public performance at Des Moines reggae club the Safari, where they had played most of their early gigs, alongside Stone Sour. The band began to realize again that there was need for a change, as they were adding samples to their recordings but could not produce these sounds live. Jones moved to full-time sampler and Mick Thomson was brought in to fill the space on guitar. After conflict over the mixing and mastering, the band self released their first album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. on Halloween, October 31, 1996.

Slipknot returned to the studio having developed new material, which demanded more vocal melody. As a result, Corey Taylor was recruited from Stone Sour, moving Colsefini to backing vocals and percussion. While experimenting with their new vocalist, the band continued to do shows at the Safari club, during one of which Colsefini surprised his band and fans alike announcing on stage that he was leaving the band. The gap on percussion was filled by Greg Welts, who was affectionately known as "Cuddles". Towards the end of 1997, the band was assigned individual numbers respectively and began wearing uniform coveralls at their shows.

The band created another small demo, which included "Spit It Out". The Slipknot Demo was sent to many record labels and, along with a growing popularity on the Internet and help from their then manager Sophia John, interest grew from record labels and producer Ross Robinson was contacted. The band met with him and decided they would work together. After showing great interest and impressing band members DJ Sid Wilson was brought in. With the acquisition of Ross Robinson, interest grew and the band began getting offers from record labels. On July 6 1998 Welts was asked to leave the band becoming the first (and only) band member to be ultimately fired from the band. He was to be replaced by Chris Fehn on percussion and on July 8 they signed to Roadrunner Records. Towards the end of the year Slipknot entered the recording studio to work on their debut album.

At the begining of the year guitarist Brainard decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Jim Root was to be his replacement leaving the band with the Current line-up. Recording finished in early 1999 and the band attended the Ozzfest in March. On June 29, 1999, the band released their album 'Slipknot'. The album included variations of previously released songs, including "(sic)" a version of the previous song "Slipknot". These versions were faster than their previous recordings and this shift in intensity was welcomed by old fans. In same year, Slipknot released their first home video Welcome to Our Neighborhood (which was later released on DVD in 2003).

Slipknot was certified platinum, a first for an album released by Roadrunner Records

Slipknot returned to the studios in the early 2001 to work on a new album. Iowa, the band's second album with Roadrunner Records, was released on August 28, 2001. It was a commercial success, peaking at number three on the Billboard album charts, and at number one on the UK album chart. Q named Slipknot as one of the "50 Heaviest Albums of All Time". in mid-2001, the band once again toured with Ozzfest and performed in the Kill The Industry tour in support of Iowa

The band appeared in the concert scene of the movie Rollerball. In the same year, while touring Europe on their European Iowa Tour, the BBC said that Slipknot stole the show and proved entertaining after the band performed at Reading Festival in England. After touring Europe, the band performed at venues in Japan for the Japan Iowa Tour. Slipknot released their second visual output with the release of their DVD Disasterpieces

In late 2003, Slipknot began writing and recording with producer Rick Rubin, who had previously worked with artists such as Johnny Cash, System of a Down, and Slayer. Roadrunner Records also announced that they would no longer be distributing Slipknot's albums in Scandinavia, due to financial terms. However Slipknot managed to pen a deal with Nuclear Blast Records in early 2003 for the releases in Scandinavia.

On May 24 Slipknot released their third album, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), which peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200. The title of the album denotes that this is their third album, band members later mentioned that they do not consider 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.' as an album which reflects the band. Slipknot toured Ozzfest for a third time, aswell as making their first appearance at Download Festival.

Slipknot released their first live album, 9.0: Live, which included recordings from shows in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Osaka, Singapore, and Tokyo. The album was released on November 1, 2005 and peaked at #17 on the Billboard 200.In 2006, the band won their first and only Grammy for Best Metal Performance with "Before I Forget". Later that year, Slipknot released their third DVD Voliminal: Inside the Nine.

Slipknot members picked up their side projects and the like

August 20 Slipknot released their fourth studio album 'All Hope Is Gone'. It is the first Slipknot album to ever peak at number 1 on the Billboard 200. Preparation for the album started in October 2007 with recording pushed back to February 2008. For this release the band expressed an interest in making it their heaviest album to date with an expansion of the thrash metal riffing introduced on Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). They also wanted to make it their most experimental record and wished to include more acoustic guitars and melodic vocals, as well as introducing hi-hats and cymbals to the additional percussion. The album was the band's first work with Dave Fortman as producer. Along with the new album, came an aray of new masks and uniforms to match the style of the album. Slipknot headlined the first ever Mayhem Festival festival in July and August. The band was scheduled to play in the Reading and Leeds Festivals in August 2008, but was forced to cancel after drummer Joey Jordison broke his ankle.Slipknot also toured Australia, Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom in the latter months of 2008, with the bands Machine Head and Children of Bodom opening at their concerts.

Slipknot Head-lined the mainstage for the Download Festival on 13 june, and from a personal experience, were amazing and put on an all out explosive show.

Slipknot and their Masks:
Slipknot are known for their use of masks and overals/boiler suits which have changed near enough with every new album release, but the band has meet some contraversity with their image and also accused of stealing the image of another band by the name of Mushroom Head who also wear grotesque masks and face paint. The members of slipknot say that they wear the masks to draw the attention away from them and focus it on the music. Several members have said how the masks are a visual representation of how the music makes them feel and how they put the members into an animal-like mentality.

Tony Petrossian

So for this case study on a music video director i've decided to do it Tony Petrossian, purely because he directed the music videos from alot of bands that i like and i think he makes very effective videos.

A little bit of background info: Tony Petrossian was born in Tehran, Iran, 1975 and moved to Europe during the unstable years of Iranian Revolution. At the age of twelve his father brought him his first video camera, he spent the entire night fiddling with the camera and emerged the next morning with a 30 second stop-motion of his action figures fighting.

At 18, he attended university at UCLA - majoring in English Literature. After that, he took a break from the film world to attend Law school at USC. After passing the California Bar Exam, he returned to the world of video.

Bit about the career: Tony’s early passion for filmmaking has evolved into a full blown directing career. He signed with Rockhard Films in 2002 and has been directing ever since and has worked with many artists such as Slipknot, Rise Against, Orson, Newton Faulkner and many more. Tony's Kenna "Freetime" video was nominated for both best director and best editor at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2002, his Three Days Grace video "Never Too Late" was nominated for Video of the Year at the 2007 Much Music Video Awards and his Slipknot video for "Vermillion" won the Audience Award at the SXSW Film Festival in 2006. Now, he supplements his music video career by helming commercial spots around the world.


Duality - Slipknot
Firestarter - Gene Simmons
Vermilion - Slipknot
The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage
S.A.N.T.A.N.A. - The Diplomats

Before I Forget - Slipknot
I'm On A High - Millionaire

No Tomorrow - Orson
Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold
Bright Idea - Orson
Graduation Day - Head Automatica
Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
Through Glass - Stone Sour
Pain - Three Days Grace
Liar (It Takes One to Know One) - Taking Back Sunday
Eyes of the Insane - Slayer
Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against

Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
I'm Not Jesus - Apocalyptica feat. Corey Taylor
Empty Walls - Serj Tankian
Fake It - Seether
Scream, Aim, Fire - Bullet For My Valentine

Sky Is Over - Serj Tankian
Rise Above This - Seether
Breakdown - Seether
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
How We Do It In The A - Lloyd featuring Ludacris
What You Look For - Sam Beeton
You Better Pray - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Not Meant to Be - Theory of a Deadman
Careless Whisper - Seether
If This Is It - Newton Faulkner

My personal favourite out of his videos has to be the video for 'Looking through the Glass' by Stonesour, im not entirely sure why i like it so much, but i think its because its just such an interesting video i find myself never being able to look away and the idea of the fake blown up pictures of evryone just fits the whole fakeness of the hollywood scene, anyway if you haven't seen it here you go

Stone Sour : Through Glass

So heres some favourites

Right, now i'm going to indulge you into a few of my favourite music videos and give you a little bit of why i like them.

so the first one i'm going to show you is 'The Never Ending Why' by Placebo. i dont tend to listen to Placebo much but i saw this video on Scuzz music channel and really liked the use of the animation and how it looks like a puppet show.

This is 'Cochise' by Audioslave. this has to be one of my altime favourite videos because its so simple yet its so powerful and spectacular, the use of flashing lights and fireworks fits the explosive and heavy nature of the song.

After thinking that they were all dead i was suprised to find the Lynyrd Skynyrd had released a new song, later to find the only original member is the guitarist. anyway this is 'Still Unbroken' by Lynyrd Skynyrd, i like this because it feels like a scrapbook of the band, each different shot appearing as a different worn photograph and i just thought that this was a very effective video.

I'm gonna give you one more video for now and this has to be one of my all time favourites 'The Kids arn't Alright' by The Offspring. This video has so much energy and movement and i just like the way how each story merges in the song and how they show it in the video.

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright - Funny blooper videos are here

well theres just a few of my favourite videos, i'll be sure to add some more later.

Project Brief

Okay so this is my blog for A2 media studdies, from this you should get some idea of what music interests me and what it means, aswell as seeing a few of my favorite videos and songs along with a video of my own =]

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