Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Red Riot Society

Are a contemporary rock band who emerged in the summer of '09. The Band formed from a group of friends with a common interest, music and playing music that people enjoyed. They got onto the internet and started up their Myspace page and posted their tracks that they'd recorded in the keyboard player's 'home studio' alond with a few recorded in a local studio. The use of the Myspace page allowed them to premote their music to people accross the world with ease. Once they had been recongnised, an independant promoter contacted them and offered them places in local gigs, concerts and venues to get the band heard more. The performances in underground clubs and small venues proved successful as they were offered a chance to support successful mainstream artists on tour such as; Kids in Glass Houses and YouMeAtSix. After a few more months the band were approached by Mercury Records, who offered them a contract leading them to be signed with a recognised Label in the music industry, And the release of their single 'Dayglo'.

The Red Riot Society believe its all about the music, not the fame and money. The creation of music is for enjoyment and not for prophet, to inspire and to create new music and musicians. And that you should enjoy the life you live.

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