Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Video

Okay so for the video we decided to go for the whole party/performance shoot, as i believe this fits the video perfectly. i was inspired to do this by a few songs that i enjoy and their videos. Oh and i forgot to mention this so i guess now is as good a time as any, the band consists of 5 members, 4 guys and 1 girl.

The video begins with the female band member in bed and shots of empty streets all seperated by some fades. when the music kicks in it cuts to a shot of a mobile on the desk ringing, then a close up of the phone showing whose calling. The Female picks up the phone, then it cuts again to see the girl getting out of bed and getting ready/walking out the room. she then enters another room full of the sleeping, remaining band members and walks through waking them, the floor is littered in empty bottles and food wrappers suggesting a party of some sort teh previous night. We then have many fast, quick cut shots of the band getting ready and grabbing instruments and loading them into the back of a van.

Shots of the band inside the van looking out of the windows and such looking tired and glum. and a street shot of the van driving past and down the road.

(All of the above is going too be in black and white as i think this will give it a lazy and rush feel, the same sort of feeling that the band might have as they've just woke up and are rushing off to perform.)

(Every thing from now on is going to be shot in colour, this is to match the party atmosphere are to give it that extra feeling as the first half is primarily shot in Black and White)

We have a shot of a door to a new house, the door is opened and the camera is positioned and shoots asif it is a member at this party, it follows a few other people through the house and we get shots of 'Party Antics' such as people conversing and drinking, a couple making out on the stairs and those sorts of things. the camera stops following and holds back to show the entirety of the party from within the house.

We then go back to outside the house and see the band pulling up onto the drive. shots of the band jumping out of the van and being greeted by the host and others. shots of the band progressing through the house with gear then quick, short cut shots of the band setting up. some one offers the band some drinks. other party antic shots. on the breakdown part of the song someone will blow smoke into the camera and as it kicks back in the camera will push through the smoke to reveal the band fully set up and start performing. the rest of the video is going to be shots of party antics, band performance and possibly a few of the band joining in with the party. we will fade at the end of teh song and have shots of teh band passed out in various places, ending up with a comnplete circle and giving the impression that this is an evry day thing for the band.

Heres a few of the videos that inspired and helped create our music vedio:

this video from fall out boy gave me the whole black and white idea as they used it aswell and i found that i really enjoyed thier use of it, you will find this section under the timing (3:23) onwards.

well this is my favourite out of the inspiring videos. this one from Jimmy eat world was the biggest inspiration as it is almost exactly what we want to do, showing the combination of party/performance and this is where i had the idea for the following camera through the house as they use it in the intro to the video.

okay so this isnt the original song but its the original video which is all i really needed. this on by black eyed peas gave the inspiration for the shots of the band getting ready but of course ours will be alot faster and this is alot slower due to the slow pace nature of the song. but again this is also a video of Party/performance which is what we want to be able to achieve.

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