Sunday, 10 January 2010

The next one

Off to Dartford it was to have our second atempt at filming our opening scene, scene as this was a different day we had planned to head up to barmondo and shoot it there as we orginally planned, but when we got the it was shut for staff holiday, very irritating. with our current plans in tatters we decided to regroup in Mc ds and decide what was to happen, we were worried about going back to the Old Corthouse because we didnt want to end up with poorly light footage again, so we considered some of the other pubs in the local area such as the Bull and Vic butt these were all far darker the Old Corthouse so we decided just to see what we could get from there instead. before we dont anything i took a couple of test shots for lighting and all was okay so ahead went out filming. it was a successful day of filming and we got the footage we needed so off home it was for me.

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