Thursday, 1 April 2010

Music Video Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develope or challenege forms and conventions of real media products?

My video uses many of the conventions of an acoustic video, such as finishing where we begin, the video starts with the band members inside a pub, there is some change of locations but at the end of the video we return to the pub in which the video began, this is typical of many acoustic videos to finish where they begin, though there is a slight difference with mine as it reverts back to the pub at the end but this time we are shown the utside of the pub rather than the inside.
Another convention is that the band member is involved in the story line wether it be him involved directly with the narrative or the narrative happening around him performing, this is one of the most common conventions within acoustic videos.
I also included the diagetic sound of the pub, which is more common within accoustic videos than others as they tend to have the performance aspect of the video in a pub or a similarr place where things are happening in the background but seem to be oblivious to the performer himself.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The ancillary texts are stills taken from the video itself, so in this perspective the video and ancillary texts relate well with eachother. the album cover itself relates to the feel of an acoustic song, whereas the inside of the album is designed to relate more to the band with the use of the microkorg.

What have you learned from Audience feedback?

From my first screening of my rough cut i learned that the audience was originally finding it hard to stay with the video as the narrative wasn't very clear and some shots held for too long. also it lacked the use of close ups on the singers face.
Taking on this information i went back to the editing processes and shortend clips that were too long, cleaned up a few of the cuts netween clips, shot and added some new clips to give a clearer veiw of the narrative and the additional close ups that were needed.
After this i rescreened my video to the audience and i was presented with much more possitive feedback, the narrative had been cleared up and made more sense and they found that they did not get tired of certain clips meaning that they were at a good length and kept the viewers attention.

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