Monday, 22 February 2010

The crit

Okay so today we had our crit, it was good to see how everyone else got on wth their videos, especially kirsty as i got to see her cu of the video. there was many similarities in our videos but hers held more variety, which was one of the problems with mine, there was many shots that went on for too long and no real break up in the story line so it made little sense, i was appreciative of these coments and had noticed them myself whilst i was editing but wasnt sure how obveous these were. But one thing with this video is i did and still do want it to be very simplistic to go with the theme of the acoustic, i dont want too much happening as i feel so much change in an acooustic video such as this doesnt work too well. also the clapping at the begining im unsure about, i know id like some sort of sound there as before it was just dead sound but i think i need to find some low background noise from somewhere and use that as the voloume of cheering doesnt match the amount of people in the pub. but again taking on board these coments i need to film a few more bits and put them in and i feel like it will all be ready to send off, hopefully the filming should take too long but i will let you know how it goes.

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