Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Okay so the edit

Too the mac, editing went well and ive done the first cut of the video and its not too bad,but i felt like i struggled to find some footage for places so i need to adress these isues.but all in all not too bad for a days work and all in time ready for the crit after half term, heres some screen shots of the process using imovie, its a good program for an easy edit, though not the best editing softwear ive used but id still recoment it for its simplicity to those who lke it that way, personally i would have prefered using amuch more nitty gritty program, i like things to get complicatd.

and heres my first cut, i warn its abit out of sync, thats due to youtube, i can assure you that it was in sync before it was up loaded

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